Intelligent wheelchair vehicle

Mobile APP Control

Multi-person monitoring

Positioning, navigation, one-click home

Electronic fence

Regular medication reminding

One button call for help and remote safety monitoring

Monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, weather, temperature and so on

Compass, vehicle status monitoring, failure reminding

Strong compatibility

Parts Main Parameter
Model R10
Maximum speed 6 Km/h   【4 mile/h】
Extension mileage 20-40Km   【12-25 mile】
Maximum load 200 Kg   【441 pound】
Climbing ability <30°
Motor power 300W*2
Battery voltage / capacity 24V20Ah/40Ah
Charging time 6h-8h
Battery type Lithium battery
Tire type Solid free pneumatic tyre
Tire size The front wheel 8 inches, rear wheel 12 inches
Vehicle weight 36-40Kg   【79-88 pound】
Appearance size 1060*980*640 mm   【42*39*25 inch】

Mobile App controlled, Multi-person monitoring, GPS positioning, Regular medication reminding, One buttom call for help and remote safety monitoring,

 monitoring blood pressure、heart rate, body temperature, Compass, vehicle satus monitoring, failure reminding, strong compatibility.

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