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What is the reason why electric vehicles are powered but suddenly unable to ride?

1、There is a problem with tram lines.

2、The battery line or battery is broken, and there is virtual electricity, so the lamp will still light up.

3、The brake does not return, causing the electric car not to go.

4、The controller enters the water and the controller burns.

5、There may be problems with the transfer. 

Battery maintenance of electric scooter

The life of batteries used in electric scooters is closely related to the daily use and maintenance of users. Generally, the following points should be noted: 

1, To develop the habit of using and filling with electricity at any time, so that electricity can always be maintained at full power.

2, To determines the charging time according to the journey, control in 4-12 hours, forbidden long time charging.

3, If the battery will be stored for a long time, sufficient electricity should be supplied first, and then replenished once a month.

4, Use the pedal to help you in the beginning and uphill.

5. When charging, use a matching charger and place it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid high temperature and humidity. Do not let water into the charger to prevent electric shock. 

How can electric scooters be safely stolen?

Three kinds of lock modes for electric skateboards:

The first mode is: electronic lock car, through the mobile phone connected to the Bluetooth applet, small program control electronic lock car, in this state the front and rear wheels can properly push taxi, but the foot acceleration motor can not drive.

Advantages: convenience

Disadvantages: unsafe. If you go away, you may be caught by thieves.

The second mode is: mechanical lock, with the bicycle lock mode, self-contained safety lock front wheel and a fixed object locked together.

Advantages: safety, locking with fixtures, and not easily carried away.

Disadvantages: inconvenient, this can be smart playing with an electric scooter results with a heavy object.

The third mode is the combination of man and car.

Advantages of electric scooters

The appearance is very fashionable, very compact, foldable, even with the bus is no problem, if you wander around the home or go outside to play this is a very good small leisure means of transportation, mainly is convenient to carry, good performance, with anti-fission, anti-deformation, cold resistance, very wear-resistant characteristics, strengthen,reinforced aluminum alloy support the frame and base are not easy to fracture.

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